Sep 25 – Education Fair at Hamilton Park

JC Families does a fabulous job organizing the education fair at Hamilton Park! Not everyone knows, but many of our local small businesses that offer enrichment, also partner regularly with Jersey City Public schools, such as Nimbus Dance Works that helped co-sponsor dance scholarships and workshops for hundreds of JCPS students, and British Swim School that operates out of a JCPS facility and helps sponsor facility maintenance and equipment.

It was also great to see JCPS Dept of Early Childhood, and the amazing staff of the Jersey City Public Library who helped our students cope with lockdown via virtual story time and other programs. We enjoyed speaking with the organizers, JCPS learning program partners and of course parents!

Published by Education Matters

A teacher, a student, and a parent, running together for Jersey City Board of Education, striving to equitably represent the entire JCPS community.

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