Sep 26 – Hybrid Meet & Greet

The Education Matters team had a great time meeting with concerned voters and fending some TOUGH questions about school funding, district properties, educational equity, JCPS college readiness, developer interests and what a BOE trustee can and cannot do when elected to the school board. We had a successful HYBRID meeting, with Younass tuning in remotely and still effectively engaging with the community. We are always grateful for the invite and for your interest in #EducationMattersJC

Sep 25 – Education Fair at Hamilton Park

JC Families does a fabulous job organizing the education fair at Hamilton Park! Not everyone knows, but many of our local small businesses that offer enrichment, also partner regularly with Jersey City Public schools, such as Nimbus Dance Works that helped co-sponsor dance scholarships and workshops for hundreds of JCPS students, and British Swim School that operates out of a JCPS facility and helps sponsor facility maintenance and equipment.

It was also great to see JCPS Dept of Early Childhood, and the amazing staff of the Jersey City Public Library who helped our students cope with lockdown via virtual story time and other programs. We enjoyed speaking with the organizers, JCPS learning program partners and of course parents!

Sep 22 – Jotham W. Wakeman PS6

The parents of P.S.#6 were delighted and inspired to hear about Younass’ journey from their child’s own school onto MS4 AEP, McNair Academic, and a Rutgers degree! They also had questions for Paula about special needs services and the way inclusion programs help children overcome difficulties in learning, despite personal obstacles.

Aug 31 – Campaign Kick-Off Fundraiser at Franklin Social

When your goal is to bring people together for all the right reasons – magic happens! Education Matters team kicked off the campaign season with some phenomenal people, friends from every corner of JC, across different professions, wards and political isles, who came to support us and to share the love for JCPS.

Aug 25 – JCTimes : Nine Candidates Vie for Three School Board Seats

“Retired Jersey City public school teacher Paula J. Jones-Watson, first-generation college student Younass Mohamed Barkouch, and parent leader Natalia Ioffe are running on the “Education Matters” slate and have been endorsed by the Jersey City Education Association.” (READ MORE)