Aug 10 – JCEA Endorses Education Matters

According to “TAPINTO” – The Education Matter team of candidates for Jersey City Board of Education have received the endorsement of the Jersey City Education Association’s (JCEA) Political Action Committee, according to JCEA President Ronald Greco. 

Natalia Ioffe, Younass Barkouch & Paula Jones-Watson make up the Education Matters Team and are three of eight candidates seeking election to one of three seats up for grabs in the November election. 

“These candidates have the proven track record of experience, commitment & advocacy needed during this time as we prepare to bring back our children at 100% capacity,” Greco, who leads the nearly 4,000 member strong union, said in a statement. “Our kids will need all the support they can get to acclimate them to in-person schooling once again and to address their social and emotional needs, and we are confident these candidates will help deliver the support that is needed.”

Offering insight into why each of the three was selected Greco said that Ioffe has been a staunch advocate for her PTA and others around the district and has the experience of finding grants and nonprofits to get our children what they need. Jones-Watson, Greco added, “is an experienced, retired educator and administrator with decades of experience who knows what is needed inside our classrooms and our district.” Finally, Greco said that Barkouch, a recent graduate of both Jersey City’s public school and Rutgers University, “adds a youthful perspective” and has a goal of implementing a mentoring program in the district to help local students.

“Through their experience and actions advocating in their community, these candidates have proven to us that they have the commitment, the vision and the experience to become effective Jersey City Public School Board Members – and our membership will be committed to putting in the work to make sure they will have the opportunity to do so.”

Aug 1 – First Team Breakfast

During team breakfast at the Miss America Diner, the Education Matters team not only had an opportunity to support a local small business, but we also discussed school funding, mentorship, special education and so much more.  We realized that combining administrative, community and scholarly perspective helps us come up with multifaceted solutions that our schools need!